The Caren Range is home to Canada's oldest known close canopy forest. At an elevation ranging from 2500 to 4000 feet, the Caren Range is blessed with 2000 year old Yellow Cedar giants, pristine wetlands and numerous fish bearing lakes.

The Caren Range is also called home by an abundant variety of old-growth dependant wildlife including the endangered Marbled Murrelet.

The battle to save Canada's famous Caren Range from a proposed massive open pit mine goes on.

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Learn what makes the Caren Range unique and about the heros that have struggled to get part of it protected.
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The Caren Range is a truly unique piece of Canada, containing numerous wetlands, lakes, and ancient forests.
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Situated on the Sechelt Peninsula of the Sunshine Coast, the Caren Range is an easy to visit Canadian wonder.
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Here's your opportunity to do your part to save the Caren Range from an open pit mine.

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